Collection and obsession sort of sound alike...don’t they?

My first Harmony Kingdom was Tony’s Tabbies. It was a Christmas gift from my friend Frank. I fell in love with this charming little “box”. It was clever and very well made. Of course the fact that I breed cats made it even more special.

The next was Cat’s Galore. This was presented to me as an award by the Cat Fanciers’ Association when one of my cats achieved the title of Distinguished Merit.

The third was Pearl given to me by my good friend Mary...also a breeder.

I love cats. I love anything to do with cats. So when someone told me that “anyone who has 3 or more of anything is considered a collector” I was hooked. Suddenly a few knick-knacks turned into a true collection. That someone also happened to be the husband of the lady who sold me most of my Harmony Kingdoms...funny how that worked out.

Once I discovered eBay my collection grew very quickly and continues to grow.

In June of 2005 I added mice to my collection...and you know they multiply.

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