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Q. How much does a pet kitten cost (what is the price of a kitten)?
A. Siamese (including pointed Colorpoint Shorthairs & pointed Oriental Shorthairs) kittens are $1,700. Lynx point Colorpoint Shorthair kittens are $1,800. White Oriental Shorthair kittens are $2,000. See additional info below*

Q. What forms of payment do you take?
A. Cash or Zelle.

Q. At what age can I get my kitten?
A. Between 16 weeks and 4 months, depending on the individual kitten and when I can schedule vet appointments.

Q. Will my kitten have papers?
A. Yes, all my litters and each kitten are registered with CFA.

Q. Will my kitten have all its shots?
A. Yes, my kittens get vaccines at (approximately) 8, 12 & 16 weeks and will also have a rabies vaccine.

Q. Will my kitten be spayed/neutered?
A. No. Although occasionally I will go ahead and neuter before placing, in this case the price is $1,900 - 2,200. *

Q. What else will my kitten come with?
A. Kittens will have a FL State Health Certificate, health record, registration papers, a copy of their pedigree, cat food, toys and a blanket.

Q. Are your cats and kittens guaranteed?
A. Yes, to a certain extent. Please read the Kitten & Retired Pet Agreements on the Helpful Information page for details.

Q. Do you ship your kittens?
A. I really prefer not to. You can fly to Orlando to pick up your kitten; you can rent a car and pick up your kitten or I can meet you at the airport or deliver the kitten to your hotel. With a some research you should be able to find a breeder within driving distance of your home. Check the Links section of this web page for breeders and referral lists.

Q. Do you ever have older cats available?
A. Yes, occasionally I will have a retired show cat or a cat retired from breeding available. These cats make wonderful pets. An adult cat is good for those people that aren't interested in going through the kitten stage.

Q. Why do you place your retired cats?
A. It's important for a breeder to keep their numbers low. Crowded conditions can lead to health problems and cats & kittens that are not well socialized. If a breeder wants to move their breeding program forward then kittens must be kept and new cats (out-crosses) must be brought in. It just makes sense that the retired cats go to pet homes. Just because I know a particular cat isn't going to be mine forever doesn't mean I love it any less.

Q. What is the cost to adopt a retired cat (what is the price of the retired breeding or show cat)?
A. $700-$900.

Please look at the
Helpful Information page for additional information or email me at cats@katsmith.net if you have additional questions.