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These are my girls. Click on their names
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GC, RW Mezetique Roxy of Katsmith, DM
Chocolate Point Siamese (now spayed)
Sr. GC Katsmith El Morocco of Elorac
Dm. GC, RW MVAble Takira of Mezetique

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GC MaryK's Temptation of Katsmith (Jessy)
Lilac Point Siamese
Sr. CH Fairydust Felixfelicis of Sibercats
Dm. GC Mi-Wyn Dreamgirl of MaryK

GC, RW Katsmith Electric Avenue (Ava)
Lilac Lynx Point Colorpoint
Sr. GG, RW Katsmith Wake Me Up Before You Gogo
Dm. GC, RW Mezetique Roxy of Katsmith, DM

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