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Babar & Pearl
-Love your website. My Mom and Dad are visiting from New Zealand and they have had fun looking thru your pictures with us. They are completely in love with Babar and Pearl and want to take them back in their suitcase when they leave. Mom and Dad have had a lot of Siamese and said that our kittens have the best temperament of any cats they have ever seen. I agree.

Sacha, Saadi, Yasmin and Ben-New York, NY

-Toby is wonderful. He has adjusted beautifully.
His personality can best be summed up with his nickname, we call him the "mush". He is just the sweetest guy. A little goofy. He rolls on his stomach like a dog and sleeps with his head upside down!!
He loves Isabella, follows her around, and loves to cuddle with her. He is also quite vocal and good with new people. He is so handsome, I think he looks like his father he has beautiful features.
Thanks again, we just adore him and we are really enjoying the little guy.

The Birkenthal Family-Westfield, NJ

-Sharpy is having a blast! When he's tired, he is really tired, and when he wants to play, he really wants to play, even though you probably already know that. Sharp's always following me around and he brings his new carrot [I have absolutely no idea why he likes it so much: it most likely has catnip in it or something cats like]. As I was saying, Sharpy is constantly running around the house acting like he owns it [I think he does]. He also likes to meow at us if we aren't paying attention to him. This cat sure moved in fast. Sharp says hi!

Rebecca & Sabrina (age 8)-Londonderry, NH

That little Sharp is the sweetest little terrorist I've ever met. I would never get another cat from anyone but you. I have to think that the attention you give them as kittens makes a difference.

Elaine (Sabrina & Rebecca's mother)

-Ema is great-she is really my dream pet I feel like we have this great connection- growing up I had many pets but Ive just never felt so connected to anything- shes very loyal and sweet I love her so much-Again I thank you

Alice-Brooklyn, NY

Bella Luna (and Phoebe)
-They are so sweet together. The three of us snuggle up while I read before bed every night. Unfortunately I can't get pictures of them then because Luna is usually 1/2 on my neck looking at the book with me and 1/2 on Phoebe. She has really, really come out of her shell! Originally I kept her in my bedroom most of the time with the door open, in case she was ready to come and explore the rest of the apartment and slowly she got the courage to come out and now she loves having the run of the place. She wakes me up every morning either by jumping on my head (it's good she doesn't weigh much) or touching my face with her paws. She eats like a horse and I can already tell she is getting bigger.
Sometimes I'll be putting my make-up on in the morning and I'll feel this little furry warm body circling around my ankles and we've started this game of hide and seek where she'll hide and then I'll call her name and she'll give this short little "meow" and we'll do that over and over until I find her. It's like playing Marco Polo. We also started this habit where she'll meow and I'll do my best to imitate what she did she looks up at me like "mom, don't make fun of me, I'm serious." She is by far the most loving and affectionate cat I have EVER met.

I just wanted to give you another update on Bella Luna as she has really settled in and taken over the run of the place. She is so wonderfully sweet and so attached to me. No matter where I go in the house, if I am standing, she is wrapping herself around my feet and meowing. If I am walking, she is rubbing against my ankles as I walk (this can be quite dangerous at times). If I am sitting, she is immediately in my lap sleeping with her head in my hand. I love her to death!
She and Phoebe have developed their relationship together. They play tag - first they will run by with Phoebe chasing Luna and then Luna will stop and turn around and next thing I know, Luna is chasing Phoebe. Phoebe likes to show affection through licking, which Luna does not appreciate on her face so she just hauls off and smacks her. Of course Phoebe doesn't even bat an eye but it is sooo hilarious. They snuggle up together and Phoebe can't relax until she sees that Luna is in the room with us. She gets very protective and worries when Luna is out of sight; just like a big sister.

I have meaning to write to you for a while to let you know how things are going. After a lot of debating, Luna, Phoebe and I have moved to Dallas. We arrived about a month ago and have been settling in ever since. I think Luna really loves her new place. She has so much more room to run around and play and a much taller cat tree now!
I know that every time I write to you, I tell you how happy I am with Luna and how much of a blessing she has been. Every day our bond gets stronger. She sits on my bathroom counter in the mornings when I'm getting ready and meows and "hugs" me. She does this "hug" thing where she stands up on her back legs and puts one arm on either side of my neck like a hug and rubs her face on mine. She is so loving and so attached - wherever I go, she is in my lap or rubbing at my heels. When I go to friends' houses and see their cats, I am reminded of how unique and different she is. I'd imagine that is probably true of all Siamese/Orientals. Who knew?

Jennifer-Dallas, Texas

-I just wanted to let you know Kundalini is doing fabulously. She's settling in quickly to the big change and has already claimed her rightful throne on a pretty velvet pillow on my sofa where she thinks she is invisible. The rest of the time she sleeps on me purring up a storm. She's getting so big and long so fast! She's settled in nicely and loves to play with the other cats and with any available toy looking thing and tears around the whole house like she owns it. She uses the scratching post perfectly and sleeps with me every time I go to bed too. I've been working a ton from home this past week so she sleeps in my lap when I am at the computer as well. We've had people over a few nights since I picked her up and she is becoming really used to strangers and being held and eats up attention and steals the spotlight at every chance. Everyone adores her. She has the best personality of any cat I have ever had or met.

Magdalena-New York City

-Rocky is the sweetest thing ever! he's in love with our Siamese and they lick each other and Rocky purrs so loud when he's practically lying on top of him. he just wants to be so close! no one hisses or is mean to him, in fact, he now attacks them quite frequently! attack to play that is...and Mia and Deimos complain and usually run away. all 3 sleep in bed with us, it's really a funny sight.
and Rocky is such a pig! we let our cats have dry food whenever, and a bowl full usually lasted 3 days, now we're lucky if it lasts 1. he wants our food every night and tries to steal it even if he really doesn't want to eat it! he actually ate spaghetti!
he follows me everywhere and cries all the time. I love him so much and have a hard time denying him anything. he is such a joy and adds a new dynamic to our family! he's perfect in every way!
-Hope I attached the picture correctly! Isn't he so beautiful?
Just wanted you to know, every day our lives are enriched because of this wonderful little guy. He was your little runt of the litter and he's still such a tiny boy with the biggest love to give and the biggest appetite. Every night he sleeps on my pillow. He loves talking and he loves playing with hair ties. Every time I have to leave the house I see his little face watching me, every time I come home I see him yelling and can hear him outside! He is such a prince.
He is the best baby, we will always be thankful for him.

Nicole & Phil-Akron, Ohio

Chuck (and CT)
-The boys are doing great. I think Chuck has settled somewhat, but he's still quite the imp! He is by far the smartest cat either of us has ever known, and those smarts seem to just get him into mischief.
Amazing stuff that cat does!!! CT is not so smart, but very sweet. Chuck is very much the dominant cat of the two as well. He is still very much proprietary about *his* toys, and will parade past CT with a toy in his mouth, growling. Mom said that he has even taken to spitting on the way by the last week or so. Funny. But they love each other to death.
These cats have been an absolute delight for my mother, and I think she's sparked some interest for the breed amongst a few friends.

Robin (daughter of Mary)-Athens, OH

-Well - I NEED ANOTHER KITTEN! I just love Zuri so much that I have decided I want another. Please let me know when you expect more kittens.

...and Samantha
Samantha is now doing great! When we first got home - she was really scared. My 3 male cats didn't like her at all - and she didn't like them. There was hissing going on from all over.
Now - she rarely leaves my side. My male cats have finally gotten used to her and she has taken up with Zuri. That is exactly what I had hoped would happen. They now sleep together in a little hut that I keep on my bed. Zuri cleans her and she cleans him.
She really is a little princess and we just love her to pieces.
Thanks again for Samantha - she is purrrfect!!

Zuri & Samantha
Zuri and Samantha are very much in love. They really are perfect for each other. I really need to get you some photos of Samantha with Zuri - she is the most loving baby. She sleeps under my nightgown every night, she bites my ankles when she wants me to get up and boy does it ever hurt too! It’s like she’s trying to tell me - GET UP and feed ME, the PRINCESS! She has a beautiful body - so sleek and such a little girl she is. Zuri really loves her. Zuri stole my heart first and I never thought I would truly love another cat this much. Samantha has managed to squeeze in there. Zuri still has a little edge on her, but I love her so much too. These two babies are everything to me. I’ll send some pics soon.

Leslie-Church Falls, VA

-Antoine and I are having a great "love" affair. We have gotten so close. He jumps on my lap and then hugs me in his kitty way and rolls on his back for me to rub his tummy and scratch under his chin.
Kathryn, I adore him! he is so gentle and kind. We are getting along much better. He is still shy with the other cats and has his own style, but at least he is not scared and hiding. As long as I have a good supply of teasers, I am in good shape. He is wonderful!

Ann Marie-VA

-I just wanted to let you know how much my mother loves Nicki--I've seen her about three times since August, and she is a pip. Every time I visit, I bring her toys. She can play for hours. She hops and jumps, and sleeps with my mom under her covers at night. She likes to wake my mom up at 5:30 to 6:am.
She looks healthy, loves to talk loudly, and everybody who meets her asks my mother if she's going to grow. Some people aren't used to the svelte bodies of these magnificent felines.

Linda (daughter of Lydia)-New York City

Lily Bart
-She's happy, healthy, lotsa fun, vey loving, plus other positve things. In short (again) she is the best cat ever, and so, many thanks to you.
She still retrieves, and gets in a loving mood at 2:00 to 3:00 AM and tries to groom me with a very sandpapery tongue.
Hope to see you soon, perhaps at another cat show.

I missed you at the cat show on Sunday. I was going to give you the enclosed picture of Lily Bart which I took in July.
Her eyes are so blue that they never photograph. She has big, sky blues eyes.
If you gave her an MRI all you would see would be a huge “loving heart”. She is a prize.

Richard-Long Island, NY

Dexter & Lottie
-As we (finally!) are on the internet, I thought I would update you on the two wonderful cats we purchased from you two years ago last January.
Dexter is adorable. He is terribly spoiled, but very, very, very sweet and loving.
We are so happy that we also took his aunt Lotte. She made his settling in very smooth. Lotte is a most unique pet -- verbal, self-contained, a little "loopy". We love the way she defers to Dexter, letting him play with toys that you know she would love to have. They get along with our Abyssian "Lucy", but try as they will, Priscilla (black short haired tabby) does not like them at all.
We keep them indoors, but have just had a new deck built. We will try to keep them on a leash on the deck, but if that doesn't work, we will continue to let them observe nature through a screen.
Their favorite sport is watching squirrels. Yesterday, a dove landed on the deck rail and I thought they would die of excitement. A bee flew into our apartment and they chased it for 15 minutes. Finally, Dexter caught it. He was on the windowsill -- I opened the screen, pried his mouth open, and the bee flew away!
They are very wonderful cats, and we thank you.

Carol and Gary-Brooklyn, NY

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