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Raji at home

Katsmith's Sharp Dressed Man, Cecilia's son with his "girls" Rebecca and Sabrina. Sharp lives with the Wallace Family in New Hampshire
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   Babar and Pearl in thier new home in Manhattan with Yasmin & Ben


This is Kikko he is Syd & Luke's son and lives in New Jersey with Izzy (SP)

Louie is Kikko's brother, he lives in New Jersy too. Stuart & Louie.

Stevie (Ema's kitten) and Clara (from Cecilia's first litter) also live in NJ with Stuart & Louie

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This is Woody, he is Stuart & Louie brother and he lives in Queens, NY.
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This is Rush O'Brady. Rush is one of Jet's kittens, he lives in Queens, NY

Escher (Luna and Al's kitten) with his "big brother" Velcro, they live in Long Island

This is Toby, he's one of Luna & Luke's kittens. Toby live is New Jersey
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This is Cleo, she is Toby's sister, Cleo lives in New Jersey

Jet in her new home, in New York City.

Walker with his friend Anna, Walker is from Syd's first litter, he lives in Willington, DE.

This is Sharp's brother Paris, he lives in Manhattan

Khundalini is another sibling and a very good mouser, she also lives in Manhattan

Lara is from Cecilia's first litter. She live in Manhattn with her friend Mimi

Rocky is Lara's brother. He lives in Ohio with his friends Mia and Deimos

Chuck is another sibling. He lives in Ohio with artist Mary Gates Dewey and CT (Chuck's Toy)

Zuri is Lara's brother and lives in Virginia with his friend Chester, Sam, a kitten from Georgy's second litter and Mona

Zuri, Mona, Samantha & Chester (from the top)
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Cecilia in her new home

Schnozzi is one of Lottie's kittnes. He lives in Long Island with
Smoochers and his best friend Max

Miss Latte is Schnozzi's sister, she lives in NJ with her friend Mr. Blue

Liberty Belle lives in CT and Percy in Manhattan, they are also Lottie's kittens

Mia is one of Tibby's kittens she lives in Connecticut

Lily Bart is Mia's sister, she lives in Long Island, NY

Antoine lives in Virginia, he is one of Georgy & HoldUp's kittens

Bella Luna is from Georgy's second litter, she recently moved to Dallas where she lives with her friend Phoebe and baby Kieran

Kyoko is Dazz's kitten, she lives in New Jersey with her "little sister" Megumi

Romeo is Kyoko's brother and he lives in California

Other Katsmith & Elorac pets in their new homes

Indigo with James Bond AKA "Jimmy". They live in Manhattan

This is Kismet with his friend Misha, see them at home

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