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Katsmith is a CFA registered cattery, breeding Siamese & Colorpoint Shorthair kittens located in Central Florida.

All my cats and kittens are registered with CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association), and meet the standard for their breed. I specialize in chocolate point Siamese and lynx point Colorpoint Shorthairs. My cats are regularly shown in CFA, I have produced numerous Grand Champions, Regional Winners, National Breed & Color winners and 3 Distinguished Merits. In 2014 Katsmith was awarded with a Cattery of Distinction award. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge Catteries that have reached certain thresholds of Grands produced.

I chose Katsmith as my cattery name, not only because I was born Kathryn Smith, but because a smith (n.1. one who makes metal objects) is someone who creates, and I help to create beautiful cats.
You might notice that all my cats (except Oddy) are named after song titles. I love music. Music is art and each song a small work of art, just like my cats.
I breed for quality, not quantity. My cattery is small, and I only breed a few litters a year. With each litter my ultimate goal is to create wonderful show cats. I aim for cats that not only meet their breed standard, but also for healthy cats with a strong constitution and a good personality. My kittens are truly raised "underfoot"; I like to call them "free range" kittens. As soon as they are old enough they meet the dog and get the run of the cattery with the "big" cats.

Siamese & Colorpoints are svelte cats with long tapering lines. They possess a wedge-shaped head with large ears and almond shaped eyes, set at a slant. They have long, fine-boned legs and should have a long tubular, muscular body. Both breeds have a short, tight, close lying coat and a long, whippy tail.
Siamese come in four familiar point colors; seal point, blue point, lilac point & chocolate point. Colorpoint Shorthairs, also a pointed breed come in 16 other colors and patterns. Lynx points are found in the four Siamese colors; seal, chocolate, blue & lilac and also in red lynx point, cream lynx point, seal-tortie lynx point , chocolate-tortie lynx point , blue-cream lynx & lilac-cream lynx point. Solid point colors are red point and cream point. The last 4 colors are parti-colors these are seal-tortie point, chocolate-tortie point, blue cream point & lilac-cream point.
Siamese & Colorpoints are an outgoing, people-oriented breed. They are playful and very talkative; they'll greet you at the door, play fetch and take a stroll on a leash. They are not your typical aloof cats and will not be ignored. They want and need human companionship, and they want to be with you, in your lap or sleeping on your head. They generally get along very well with other cats & dogs.

For more information read Siamese Cats : Everything About Acquisition, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, Health Care, and Breeding/A Complete Pet Owner's Manual by Marjorie McCann Collier & Michele Earle-Bridges (Illustrator)