Katsmith Cattery ~ CFA Siamese & Colorpoint cats and kittens

Sunny is a DM!

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As you can see the cats rule at my house. Not all these cats still live with me. Click here to see some of them in their new pet homes.

Cat loves dog

Kasino and kitty friends

Milo & Mia

Rambo & Marina on the lanai

Rambo & Daisy

The mommies, Luna and Syd

Jet with her 2 1/2 month old kittens and Syd's 3 1/2 month old kittens

Oddy with Sharp & Mona

Oddy, Dazz and 3 of thier kittens Chuck & Rocky

Dazz, Oddy, Georgy & Ema A pregnant Ema with Maya

Baby and Ceaser

Kittens Baby sharing a meal with the kittens Oddy and Baby

Oddy..."The Other White Meat" Oddy, with friends at nana's

Indgio, Kismet, Cearer & Baby

Crystabel EZ Rider, Crystabel Deep Impact, Crystabel Ecco Dolce of Katsmith, Crystabel Everybit Domingo, Baby, Kismet, Caesar & Indigo