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We did it!!! GC Katsmith Dream On, DM

The Grands

15. GP Katsmith One Track Mind 6/15/14 ONE SHOW GRAND!
14. GC Katsmith Spellbound 3/8/14
13. GC Katsmith Boys 'Round Here 10/20/13
12. GC Katsmith Kamora of Thaifong 5/26/13
11. GC Katsmith Bubba of Sa-Shai 3/16/13
10. GC Katsmith What Ever Lola Wants 11/17/12
9. GC Katsmith Same Old Song and Dance 2/25/12
8. GC Katsmith Candle in the Wind 12/11/11
7. GP Katsmith Dude Looks Like a Lady 12/3/11
6. GC Penelane Sookie Stackhouse 7/23/11
5. GC Penelane Johnny Rocket 7/10/11
4. GC, NW, BW Penelane "Pinky" Pinkerton 6/11/11
3. GC Melkatz Kakubi Dancer of MaryK 4/23/11
2. GP, RW Penelane Will I Am 4/2/11
1. GC, RW Katsmith Wake Me Up Before You Gogo 10/2/10

A male cat needs 15 Grand offspring to achieve the title of Distinguished Merit, and with a little help from my friends, Marco is a DM! Thanks to everyone who granded cats; Michele Lukic, Mary Kolencik, Cathy Kennedy & Linda Haslow, Pauline Bratt and Virginia Wheeldon.